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Finally a real web site!

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

As I sit here writing this the true Welsh weather that we are so famous for is throwing buckets at my window...but the forecast is better for tomorrow!

We have been lucky enough over the past few months to have been basking in lots of beautiful sunshine but not baked in the temperatures that have been seen in other parts of the UK, so I am grateful...we did also did need the rain!

So my first blog in a LONG while!

Well over the weeks I hope to fill in the blanks of the last 18 months and the move from leafy Hertfordshire to rural Carmarthenshire plus of course the setting up of my "hobby studio"...yes it really is still a hobby...and yes I do have a full time normal job!

Last year I joined a great resource club called Makers Momentum and Nicola who owns it directs us to getting things done in the right order, but somehow I have managed, as always, to do it all upside down, BUT the two things to do on my hit list were to sort the website and get a "mailing thing" organised.

Well I have downloaded the mailing thing and confused myself completely so I switched to the web site task...and here it is!

No longer is it that Google business landing site one that just said I existed in some awful colour template!

It has taken me days to do. I can design a quilt in all the colours of the rainbow...but a website...colour challenged and confusion has set in. So I have kept it clean and stuck to my three colours and tried to just add pages that I felt people needed to see...hopefully... although a complete re-write may be on the cards once I get feedback!

I will get to the mailer thing next so do look out for me suddenly asking for you to sign up...I am not going to be one of those that sends loads out so don't panic and hit the delete or unsubscribe just yet! I am thinking of putting something together once a month maybe as that might be doable...just! I would like the content to be a bit of laughter, news, maybe an offer or two and then also my giveaways that I do. My "business lessons" are telling me that if I get people to subscribe I will "get out in front of more potential customers" so I am doing as I am told....and that is a first LOL!

For now though I would just like to say Hi, welcome you to the website and to say do let me know what you I need to change something?...or if it doesn't work because I broke it ....please do ping me a message!

So till I work out how to use the rest of the site thank you so much for reading this, thank you in advance if you sign up and for helping a small business to grow...Have a Quiltalicious Day!!!!

Jackie...The Stumpy Quilter

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