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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I contact The Stumpy Quilter?
    Easy! Drop me an email on:
  • What is a Quilting Experience?
    At the studio we offer a unique quilting experience. Rather than sending your patchwork away to be finished you have the opportunity to come along and enjoy a fun filled day learning to use a professional long arm machine and with lots of guidance and support you get to quilt your own creation using an edge-to-edge design…so it becomes all your own work and no experience necessary! The day begins with a discussion about the possible thread colours and design that you want to achieve. I use Glide thread which gives a soft sheen and magna bobbins, usually in one of the neutral colours, so you get great tension on your piece. You then you get to choose an edge to edge pattern from the array I have at the studio. The patterns are on long strips of paper called pantographs that you will learn to trace as the machine transfers the stitching to your piece. Once you have chosen your design you will have a chance to get to grips with the handlebar system and practice your pattern on a trial quilt until you feel confident. I will then load your quilt (while you have a cup of tea or coffee!) and will support you all the way as you stitch on to your own patchwork, making the quilt of your dreams come true. The day is very relaxing, usually a lot of fun and you get to have a play on a professional long arm! I work on a simple price system based on size that tends to keep things generally the same, if not cheaper, than most long arm quilting companies who use computerised machines. This still allows you to learn a new skill as well as have some fun along the way without private tuition prices being added to the quilting cost. I have made a little video for you too...
  • What is a Taster Experience?
    This is usually a morning or afternoon where you can come along in a group of between 2 and 4, have a tour of the studio, a chat about quilting and get to have a go at using the long arm with three pantographs so you can see how easy it will be to finish your quilts here at the studio on an experience.
  • How much is an Experience?
    The current price list, which runs from March 1st to March 1st each year, is detailed on the Experience page of the website
  • Do you offer a longarm service?
    I do not quilt other people's quilts but rather host patchworkers on a fun filled 1-2-1 experience where they can come along with their toppers and learn to stitch out an edge to edge design on their own quilt using my professional longarm and so can finish their quilt themselves on the day!
  • How much do you charge to longarm a quilt?
    I do not quilt other people's quilts but rather host patchworkers on a fun filled 1-2-1 experience where they can come along with their toppers and learn to stitch out an edge to edge design on their own quilt using my professional longarm and so can finish their quilt themselves on the day!
  • Where can I buy quilts from The Stumpy Quilter?
    I have a shop on Etsy for quilts and quilted items that are ready for sale. I also sell through Facebook and you can also contact me directly if you see something you like!
  • Do you sell Gift Vouchers?
    Yes! These are redeemable against items in the shop and against the experiences. They make a totally unique gift for any quilter!
  • I do not have an Etsy account, can I still buy from you?
    You can checkout on Esty as a guest but if you do not want to use that forum just contact me!
  • I would like you to make a quilt for me how do I contact you?
    If you would like to discuss a commission then just drop me an email:
  • I do not live local, how can I still go on an experience?
    I have worked with many local businesses including some amazing accommodation providers so that we are now welcoming many quilters on a QUILTCATION! This is a stunning part of the world to stay in for a week or two...or even a short break. With so much to see and do with the family, partners and the dog! But there is also lots here for the Quilter as we have amazing fabric retailers and the Welsh Quilt Centre. We have also sourced lots for partners and family to do while you are on your experience for the day. So why not come and stay for a while and bring your patchwork with you to beautiful rural West Wales! Check out some accommodation here...
  • Do you sell backing and wadding?
    I do not usually sell fabric or wadding, but I am happy to help you decide on what you need and will direct you to some trusted suppliers. Just get in touch.
  • Do you have a fabric shop near you?
    There is a really nice little craft shop in Pembroke Dock at Claire Craft Centre for those who are further West. This is about an hour or so away. We also have an amazing fabric shop in Lampeter which is about 50 minutes away, right next to the Welsh Quilt Centre. The store has 12 rooms of fabric to browse! Lampeter is a lovely little town well worth a visit..with the Centre, shops and cafes it is a Quilter's dream! See the video:
  • How do I prepare my quilt for the Experience
    Once you have booked I will send you a document that goes through all that is needed. Most of the requirements are around squaring the quilt, clipping threads and making sure your seams are secure. The other main point that is discussed in the document is the need to have the backing and wadding at least 6" (so 3"all round) larger than the top. This is because the quilt will be attached to the machine in layers on different NO NEED TO BASTE! The document you will be sent will go though all this...and if you are worried at all about your quilt just contact me...I can solve most things!
  • I am new to patchwork/not very good at it...Is it worth me having my quilt longarmed?
    ABSOLUTLEY YES!!!!! I have only been sewing since late 2017 and I started quilting in earnest in only 2019! Every patchwork piece is your own unique creation and every top deserves to be finished beautifully so that you can stand back and say WOW...I DID THAT!
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